Tips For Achieving Internal and External Health and Beauty

To look and feel great, people can make a number of lifestyle changes. Not only do these changes improve overall health on the inside, they also produce healthier skin, hair, and nails. For instance, women that purchase cosmetics should consider looking at the ingredients listed on the label, choosing only products made from all-natural or organic ingredients. Unfortunately, many cosmetics on the market today are made with synthetic colors and fragrances, as well as other chemicals that can cause an allergic reaction such as acne breakout.

On the other hand, cosmetics made with natural or organic ingredients are completely safe. These products still come in hundreds of colors, shades, and textures for beauty while not being harmful to the outside skin or inside of the body. Cosmetics made with plant oils, herbs, and minerals are always the better choice.

Even hair products need to be carefully considered. The one ingredient that should be avoided and most commonly found in hair coloring products is alkaline.

This ingredient has been studied for years and shown to increase risk of some cancers. Then, shampoos and conditioners made with sodium lauryl sulfate diethanolamine (DEA) or nitrosodiethanolamine (NDELA) should also be avoided. These ingredients are used to create the foaming reaction in shampoos but they too have been shown to promote some cancer types.

With so many natural hair care products on the market, this is a much better route to take. Natural products work amazingly well, they smell wonderful, and they are just as affordable, as conventional products. It used to be that for a person to find natural or organic hair care products, he or she would have to locate a health food store or special order online but today, products such as these have become so popular and in such high demand that they are sold at any grocery or drug store.

Achieving internal and external health and beauty is easy. Making a few changes to include drinking between 50 and 68 ounces of water daily, eating a well-balanced diet, cutting down on alcohol consumption, stopping tobacco use, and choosing natural products will certainly help. Best of all, once a person starts on a new regimen, changes to the skin are typically seen within a week or two. It takes a little time to flush toxins from the body but with harmful chemicals eliminated, the skin begins to develop a radiant glow.


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