Earth Friendly Nail Polish:Toxin -free Health and Beauty

Earth Friendly Nail Polish:Toxin -free Health and Beauty

Various cultures throughout history have used color on their nails to signify beauty, social status, or spirituality.

Nail polish has its origins in China about 3,000 B.C. Chinese around 3000 B.C. Chinese, Japanese, and even early Italian cultures used various mixtures to tint the nails. Later Chinese royalty enhanced their nails with gold, silver, red or black.

The Egyptians used henna to color both their nails and the tips of their fingers as a sign of health and beauty. The various colors that were eventually used signified social status, with the royals using the deep, intense colors and the nails of the people becoming comparatively more pale as they ranked lower on the social ladder.

Nail polish as we know it today came into vogue in the 1920s, when nail enamels were inspired by automobile paints.Modern polishes are full of toxins and you breathe them in, as well as absorb them through your skin every time you paint your nails.

This is significantly worse if you have your nails done at a salon.The major toxins found in nail polish are:

* Toluene is a human reproductive toxin.

* Formaldehyde is a carcinogen

* Dibutyl Phthalate can cause infertility, uterine cancer, testicular cancer, fetal defects
health and beauty
For more information on these toxins and others commonly found in nail polish read the information at Pure Know How.But does that mean that you have to have bare naked nails for the rest of your life?

Not at all. More and more companies are developing toxin free polishes in a variety of beautiful colors. The cost is similar to the better nail polishes.

Honeybee Gardens WaterColors Nail Enamel-

* organic

* made in the U.S.
* non-toxic
* crueltyfree
* 15 colors
* remove with acetone free remover or vodka

Peacekeeper Polishes are eco-friendly and they donate all proftis to women's advocacy and human rights issues.

* Cruelty free
* 8 colors plus a top and bottom coat
* donate after tax profits
* non-toxic
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Zoya Nail Polish has a ton of colors, more than most of the other eco-friendly cosmetic companies. In fact there are 240 colors! Reviews are good. This seems to be the top polish on the green cosmetic market right now.

* 240 amazing colors
* available at many salons
* non toxic
* great reviews

ULew Acquarella

* certified organic
* 20 colors
* water based
* non-toxic
* fast drying

Priti Soy Based Polish

* 100+ colors
* non-toxic
* polish for children as well as adults
* corn and soy based formula
* eco-friendly


* water based
* 32 colors
* non-toxic
* quick drying

Toe Shades Natural

* peel off
* water based
* environmentally friendly
* 18 colors

Go Natural Polish

* 20 colors
* eco friendly
* non toxic
* chop resistant

There are new cosmetics being developed every day, so this should by no means be considered a complete list but a starting place.

It is especially important that pregnant women, and those nursing children be aware that the various toxins in normal polishes can have an effect on the normal growth of both the fetus and the nursling, as well as upon their future health and beauty .

Non-toxic cosmetics are available in many types, colors and formulas. Prices overall are about the same as the better cosmetic brands, but really, the safety is priceless.


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