The Magic of Natural Thai Health and Beauty Treatments

The Magic of Natural Thai Health and Beauty Treatments

Natural Health and Beauty: Cosmetics From The East

Anyone who's visited Thailand has commented on the beauty of the women, especially their silky-smooth skin and shining hair. More strikingly, even women of mature years exude a grace, glow and vitality that's stunning. What's the secret?

I set out to investigate. I knew it was not due to some quirk of fate or genetics. So it had to involve lifestyle factors. My quest took me to remote villages set among emerald paddy fields, to ancient temples steeped in serenity, and to the most opulent and exclusive spas patronised by royalty and the jet-set.

The answers I found were part of an ancient culture rooted in both the serenity of Buddhism and in a rare harmony with nature.

I found a world of mantras, dietary therapies, traditional massage and herbal remedies.

Eastern beauty, I discovered, had much to do with these ancient healing traditions. This is a world you can enter if you wish, wherever you may live.

Enter the world of Thai beauty and reclaim soft skin, lustrous hair, and regain your vitality and passion. And perhaps more importantly gain a inner harmony that lights you up from within.
The Heart of Thai Health and Beauty Treatments

Nowadays, more and more people are turning to ancient Eastern ways to find the answers to their health and beauty problems. The main reason for this is that people are become increasingly disenchanted with allopathic quick-fix ways of masking the symptoms and doing little to treat the underlying condition. Eastern natural beauty tips are becoming increasingly popular in the form of ayurvedic and Indonesian treatments.

People are becoming more aware, too, of the folly of taking artificial products and the effective and gentle potency of natural treatments. So it's natural that people gravitate towards the ancient systems of Asia. These eastern ways offer holistic approaches that work on the whole body thus allowing the body itself to fix its own problems and optimize itself.

Treatments from ancient China such as acupuncture and Indian ayurvedic therapies have entered the mainstream of Western health and beauty treatments. But the natural beauty tips of Thailand remain in mystery.
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The origins of traditional Thai treatments are lost in the mists of time. However, the father of traditional Thai medicine is regarded to be Shivago Komarapaj, a contemporary of the Buddha. And as the Thai approach works by gently harmonizing the whole system, it has great applications for beauty, too. For example, herbs promote inner cleanliness which leads to clear skin and hair that's alive and shining. Plus these herbs applied externally can work wonders on the skin, face and hair.
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This ancient Thai lifestyle has much to offer the modern world. And this website offers a look at the wonderful benefits you can reap wherever you live. So read on to find a cornucopia of beauty tips covering diet, herbs, massage and meditation. These are gentle ways to keep you looking beautiful and feeling young amidst the pressure and pollution of modern life.


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