Health and Beauty Treatments For Men

When one thinks of health and beauty, men usually do not come to mind. Within the industry, though, there has been a new wave of male customers. Men are more interested in health and beauty treatments these days, so there is really a great market out there that caters to the man who wants to look and feel his best.

Health and beauty used to be considered very feminine. Men would never think about washing their face or applying a daily moisturiser. Today, though, looking good is not based on gender. Everyone can take a few minutes to treat their body right and keep their good looks from fading. The many areas of health and beauty, from daily routines to spa treatments, are now available for men.

New Lines for Men

Traditionally, the health and beauty industry used to be focused mainly on women. Men were never really a key focus. With this new interest coming from men, though, the health and beauty industry is now introducing many new products tailored just to them.

Men and women have to have different products because men and women are different.

Their bodies are different and they have different needs when it comes to health and beauty. These new health and beauty products for men are created to cater to the specific needs of a man.

Special Focus on Men

Men usually have oilier skin than women, so men's facial products are going to target that oil issue more aggressively then a woman's product would. Men also have larger pores so their needs differ in terms of cleaning and keep skin smooth.

Moisturising is also important for men, as it is with women. Daily moisturising helps ensure that the skin stays plump and doesn't dry out, which can lead to wrinkles being more prominent.

However, most men will turn away from the strongly fragranced lotions available for women. They need smells more suited to men, which is what they will ordinarily choose a male specific line.

Men also have different lifestyles than women. Men, in general, are outdoors more, so they need products that will protect their skin from the unique elements of this environment.

Lastly, men and women have hormonal differences. Hormones play a large role in the appearance of skin and in related problems. Men require different products that react in different ways than women products because of this hormonal difference.

Options for Men

Men are not limited to just buying health and beauty products. Spas now even cater to men. Years ago spas were pretty much for women only, but most spas now offer a range of services for men as well as women.

Spa services for men include various massages, body wraps, aromatherapy and baths. Many spas even offer couple deals so a couple can come together and enjoy the spa experience.

Health and beauty is no longer limited to women only. It is a gender neutral area. Everyone wants to look their best and that includes men. Being healthy and looking good is no longer considered feminine. People today want to look their best at all times and men are realising that it take s a little work to keep themselves looking tip top.


  • Missy San Pedro

    modern men are now open with suggestions when it comes to beautifying themselves. It is not a question of being gay and not when a man wants to use beauty products. Anyway, this post is very helpful. Health and beauty indeed is committed for man as well.

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