Health and Beauty Benefits of Licorice

Health  and Beauty Benefits of Licorice

Licorice is from the latin word "liquiritia", is known for its sweetening characteristic. Chinese ranked licorice as "superior", which means it could be used over a long period of time with no toxic effect, it is being used by the Chinese for more than 5,000 years. Its roots have tremendous therapeutic properties. Hippocrates called it sweet root. Its root contains a substance that is 50 to 100 times sweeter than table sugar. health and beauty
The Greeks used licorice as thirst quencher and to relieve swelling caused by water retention.

Medicinal Uses:

* To treat stomach ulcer - licorice stimulates the body's defenses to prevent the formation of ulcers, it is more effective than antacids.

According to studies there is a 91% success in the treatment of stomach ulcer by using licorice. Treatments should be continued for 8 to 16 weeks, depending on how fast or slow the recovery of the patient. Licorice should be taken 20 to 30 minutes before meals in order for it to be more effective in the treatment of ulcer, licorice will act as a lining in the stomach, to help protect it. health and beauty * Helps in weight control treatments since licorice helps to maintain stomach acid levels.
* Helps for Respiratory Illnesses - licorice contain anti-allergic properties that is essential for the treatment of respiratory disorder.
* Anti-inflammatory - licorice acts on the tissue much the same way as cortisone but without the negative side effects. health and beauty
* Tonic to help combat fever
Warning: Licorice is not recommended for people who suffer arterial hypertension or kidney problems. When taken in excess, it can cause water retention and hypertension. These adverse effects can be lessened by taking large dosage of potassium and lower the intake of sodium  health and beauty


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