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How to start a career as a Beauty Writer

Searching online you will notice that there are fashion website selling fashion, hair products, jewellery, beauty, accessories, these are the very types of sites that need  health and beauty writers.
Learn what beauty writers do

To fully understand what beauty writers do lets look at some job descriptions, and you will see that companies that have beauty products want writers who can review them and share recommendations to readers. Do you like skin creams, makeup, fashion, perfume, all the things that make you look beautiful. You can turn that in to a lucrative job writing about products that you have used yourself or that you know about.
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Anti aging industry will continue to grow as those getting older seek ways to turn back the years of time and reach the fountain of youth for younger vibrant skin, some natural ways is with the latest technology in skin creams, and wrinkle free lotions, many mascara, lipstick, face foundation companies are locally ran using organic and natural products, such websites like carols daughter offers alternatives to the mainstream cosmetics found in department stores.
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Modeling shows have made many more aware of the need for makeup artist, hairdressers and fashion consultants, if this is a field that you are passionate about here are some ways to find beauty writing jobs.

Beauty writers can post reviews and tips to a blog recommending popular personal care products such as the blog makeup and beauty blog written by Karen she covers makeup tips beauty news, and beauty product reviews, check out her style. When looking through freelance beauty writing jobs online some of the things you will notice is beauty and fashion blogs who need freelance writers who can post to the blog one to two times per week on topics ranging from beauty and fashion to entertainment, arts and culture. The positive side of being a freelance writer is that you can interview those who work in the field as well as you can attend events that cover your niche. Reporting on popular events put on by major cosmetic companies or small business trade shows is a great way to add value to a blog, with posts set in real time.

Prior experience that you currently have with cosmetics, scents and fragrances as well as hair dye, hair styles, fashion accessories can put you ahead of the game. Other subject areas can include organic natural cosmetic products versus commercial brands. Health issues and risks of some beauty products can be covered and example of such a site is that has written an article on The Health Risks of Typical Cosmetics & Make-Ups and the Alternatives by one of the surveys results shows:
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"A survey by EWG found that more than a quarter of all women and one of every use at least 15 personal care products a day, which means exposure rates to these potentially toxic chemicals could be very high, particularly over time."

As a freelance beauty writer you can become an educator and help woman learn alternative personal care products that they can use to keep from harming their body and skin.


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